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Background & Vision
Being a Jew in America is not easy, and it’s even harder to be an Israeli that passes on an
Israeli identity to your children. However, we believe that identity is essential to pass down.
We are a Portland-based Israeli community that’s come together to build and strengthen our
social and cultural connections to Israel with the larger Jewish community and surrounding
civic groups. Together with other partners in the community, we host events, mark holidays
and milestones, and strengthen Israeli identity through the Hebrew language, food, music,
and celebration. In addition, we are a platform for our membership, encouraging everyone to make the change they want to see in their community.


Our Goals
1. Promoting diverse social activities for the Israeli community
2. Connecting the Israeli community to the various Jewish communities
3. Strengthening the connection of the various communities to Israel to be
     a source of Israeli knowledge for the diverse communities
4. Leading strategic engagement that will strive to improve the well-being
    of the Israeli Community
5. Being a force against antisemitism through active outreach and
    community engagement

We have a standing steering committee that meets monthly and welcome new members.

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